Great Ear Wax Removal Service in Welwyn Garden City

I had a blocked ear for around 7 days, so annoying it was. Went to doctors he just gave me drops, which was using for few days, then brought olive oil drops , as people had said this may help, tried to get in doctors for a ear wax removal, but would of had to wait until 5th Sep, useless !!!
So I searched Google and found, got a appointment for the evening time, well what can I say, the best ever money spent, to have this done, Jason was very helpful , and got on with his job on micro suction ear wax removal. I was able to ear again straight after the 20mins it took, my husband even got one ear done also.
So two VERY Happy Customers !! I will recommend going there to get this done if need be, no point in waiting around for doctors appointments when you can nip there, ok you have to pay, but that’s what life is all about spending money on things that are important to yourselves
Thanks Again for your efficient work Jason