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Walk In Ear Syringing London Things You Should Know

Private Earwax Removal in London using microsuction, the safest method of removing earwax

Walk In Ear Syringing London

Here, at the Microsuction Earwax Removal Centre in London, we have five centres that you can choose from  where you can find ear wax removal in London. Our Professional Audiologists and senior specialist nursing staff are at hand to provide the best care when you need it the most.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need Walk In Ear Syringing London

Many people suffer the discomfort and possibly pain from symptoms associated with ear wax blockages, in many cases they do not even realise that they need treatment.  If any of the following symptoms are experienced then you should immediately contact a professional Audiologist to ensure expert treatment and on no account try to ‘fix it’ yourself as you might do further damage to the workings of the delicate inner ear canals.

Symptoms may include itchy ears, build up of wax in the outer ear which blocks the ear canal when the individual tries to clear away the wax using baby buds or other handy implements, reduced hearing and even pain from impacting of the ear channel.

Ear Syringing Clinic

After realising they have an ear wax blockage, many people search for a walk in ear syringing clinic, because they have only ever experienced ear syringing at their local surgery. Nowadays, the old style metal ear syringe associated with school medical centres and retro hospital departments has been replaced by a modern ear irrigator pump with a jet tip. The pump has a variable, regulated pressure, but the process is essentially the same.  A body temperature water jet flows through the pump in an upward motion into the ear and a low pressure suction gently draws out the softened wax easily.  To find out more about this method of ear wax removal and other methods that are offered by our centres, follow our link:

Ear Syringing Complications And A Better Alternative

Many GP surgeries are withdrawing ear syringing / irrigation as a service, because according to the British Medical Journal the risk of complications is quite high:

  • A postal survey of 312 general practitioners who served 650 000 people in Edinburgh found that problems associated with ear syringing were failure of wax removal (29%), otitis media (17%), perforation of the ear drum (15%), and trauma to the external auditory meatus (11%)

You can find out more about this at

At The Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network, we have left the old fashioned, risky ear syringing / irrigation behind and only offer the much safer  microsuction, backed up by dry instrument removal, as a method of ear wax removal.

Modern Methods

Our Audiologist Mr. Jason Levy and his colleagues use safer methods of removing stubborn earwax, including dry instrument removal and Microsuction.  If people have tried  to deal with the blockage themselves and the pain continues, we prefer to use the speed and efficiency of Microsuction at our clinics.

If you are suffering from ear wax build up, blockage in your ear canals that is resulting in discomfort or pain, whatever the cause, do not hesitate to get in touch with any of our centres where you can be assured of the best support.

Here’s What Our Patients Said About Us

“Would Choose This Again”

I needed my ears syringed but the dr’s couldn’t fit me in for almost a month. There was no way I could wait that long so looked online and microsuction came up. Once there I was made to feel welcome and relaxed. The procedure was quick and easy and my hearing came back instantly. I recommend this to anyone who needs it and would choose this again if required.
Ian Thorne

Ear help!!

Jason Levy did a super job of ear wax removal for me. Explained everything in great detail. Painless and superb results. No more irrigation for me!

Great To Hear Again!

I got my ear cleared by Raspal Kaur using microsuction at the clinic based in InFocus Opticians, 19 Melcombe Street, London NW1 6AG. I was very happy with the service and with the reuslt, so many thanks. Raspal was very good, helpful and efficient. 

Where To Find Us

For more information about the clinic which is closest to you, please look on our website

microsuction london clinic locations
Microsuction clinic locations in London NW1, N2 and HA5
Ear Wax Removal Micro Suction Clinic Location Map
Our Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinics in Hertfordshire

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Microsuction London

how microsuction works
Microsuction In London

Having a blocked ear due to hardened earwax can be very irritating. Dryness may occur, itchiness may add up, and worse is the pain. You can lose your sense of hearing due to this condition and it can ruin your performance in your job or any of your dealings with each day. Getting clogged earwax out of the ear canal can be the best solution and this is a clinical procedure only professionals can perform.

Some experts use ear irrigation and some opt for ear syringing. With the perks of microsuction technology, this has now been utilized by the most highly qualified audiologists.

How to Deal With A Blocked Ear

There are people who sometimes try to do things on their own, yet most of the times; they end up just worsening the case. Do not be like them and entrust this condition to some trained individuals who will perform the entire procedures.

You cannot just let any earwax (cerumen) block your hearing sense. Removing them with low pressure suction can give you so much comfort in just a few minutes of waiting. There is no need to keep going back to an audiologist since you will only be required to get a same day service.

With a microscope worn by a trained specialist, with the medical suction device and with the help of some olive oils to save you from irritations and light pain, then the process of earwax removal can happen right away. This blockage in your ear will have its very smooth exit.

What are the other Advantages of Choosing Low Pressure Suction

Unlike any other process, with Microsuction technology, introducing the low pressure suction, there is no need for the whole procedure to be messy. In some cases, there is no need to use any fluid, which makes everything fast and clean. While on the other hand, a small ear irrigation process can also be used with the temperature of water that is same of your body’s.

With the audiologists to use the necessary high-end equipment, they can have a better view of your ear canal, which makes them very comfortable and you will be very confident that the entire procedure will be very quick and smooth.

The blocked ear will never experience any pain, which can sometimes add to the discomfort feeling. You will be at ease for the whole duration of the removal process. It will be a dry process, which is ideal for those patients with perforated eardrums.

In just a few minutes, you can get back your hearing senses.

Just book your Microsuction London appointment and do not be afraid to submit yourself to some clinical procedures that are proven to provide you with the best earwax removal solution.