Microsuction Reviews

Microsuction London 5 Star Reviews And Ratings On Google And Facebook
Microsuction 5 Star Reviews And Ratings On Google And Facebook

Microsuction Reviews

Below are some reviews written by our private ear wax removal clients. You can also see Google reviews of our microsuction earwax removal service to the right. These reviews are for all of our private ear wax removal clinics in Central London, East Finchley, North London N2, Pinner, North West London HA5, and Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. However, clients come from all over London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire because of our 5 star reputation.

Quick and painless!

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic Baker Street

I was a little nervous as I’d never had microsuction before but Raspal put me at ease straight away. She clearly explained the procedure and I realised it was in very safe hands. It was very quick and painless- I’ve no hesitation in recommending.

Liana R.M

Ear microsuction

MicroSuction EarWax Removal Clinic In Welwyn Garden City, Herts within Natural Health, near to John Lewis

Having suffered blocked ears for months and trying to clear it myself with drops I attended the Welwyn Garden City Clinic. I now have super hearing and no more uncomfortable, blocked ears. The process was pain free and much better than syringing. Thank you Jason.


Life changing!

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic Baker Street

After suffering from impacted wax and having dizziness, ringing and loss of hearing for almost two weeks, I booked an appointment with Jason on the Friday for the following Monday and was given good advice over the phone regarding using drops beforehand to make the process easier. I met Jason at his Baker Street clinic. He was punctual, professional, friendly and set my nerves at ease. He was very thorough taking me through the procedure and checking for any health issues. He talked through the equipment and the cleanliness of it. The procedure itself didn’t take very long. Jason stopped when needed and discussed what he was doing throughout and showed me as he was working. I felt an instant relief when it was finished. It has been a life changing experience for me. Two weeks after the procedure, I am still euphoric and cannot believe the impact this has had on my life. I cannot thank Jason enough.

Seema, Pinner

Good Service

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic Baker Street

1st time for micro suction and found it painless, efficient and Renee was very good and explained everything. Good service and would recommend


First Class – Amazing – would recommend it.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic Baker Street

Absolutely amazing – would recommend it to anybody. Very professional, easy painless process. My ear was completely blocked could not hear anything – Raspal got all the wax out of my ear. The best £55 I have ever spent. Such a bargain. If you ever have lots of wax in your ear – go to her, she completely changes your life.

George Dobbie

Positive Microsuction Experience

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Clinic Baker Street

Thank you so much for a very positive microsuction experience! I had been quite nervous as my blocked ears were causing me pain, but Jason was wonderfully reassuring and helped to explain the process in as much detail as I needed until I felt at ease. 30 mins later I can hear again, and feel totally relieved and restored! Thank you. Would definitely recommend and visit again.


Excellent relief for ear troubles

Micro suction Ear Wax Removal Clinic inside In Cootes Pharmacy

After weeks of ear troubles and facing another two weeks of having to apply oil drops while waiting for the dreaded ear syringing, I decided to try the alternative microsuction technique. I was seen on the day I rang for an appointment and all my ear troubles and worries are now over. I appreciated the explanation of the technique as it was the first time I had had microsuction. The procedure was quick and painless and I’m very grateful to Jason for carrying it out so efficiently.


Excellent Service and Results

Most impressed. Quick efficient and effective – well worth the money!

Peter Lever

Worth every penny!

At 76 years old my mother has her hearing back! Jason ticks all the boxes.


Bliss- I can hear again!!

microsuction clinic in pinner - looking for where to get ear wax removal in pinner?

I can highly and thoroughly recommend this service to anyone suffering with blocked ears caused by excess wax. I had an appointment with Jason who is very professional and personable and instantly put me at ease. After the routine medical questions he explained exactly how the procedure is performed and all the equipment that would be used. Then the procedure – it was not long at all probably 10-15 minutes and at no point did I feel any pain or discomfort and Jason constantly kept me up to date with what he was doing – he removed an incredible amount of wax from my ears and I felt like a new man when I left with perfect hearing again – I realised in hindsight it felt like I had been underwater for a year and a half and suddenly broken back above the surface. If you have blocked ears – get this procedure done! I will not hesitate in the future

Jamie B