Our Private Ear Syringing London Uses The Latest Technology

Our Private Ear Syringing London Uses The Latest Technology

When patients come to one of our five London clinics for our private ear syringing London and they have been examined, we determine the best way to clear ear wax using the latest technology for painless and speedy remedies to blocked ears.

Past Methods of removing wax blockage

In the past, many private ear syringing London clinics have used a meal ear syringe which was loaded with warm water, and the metal tip was placed into the ear canal. The water was then squirted into the ear canal and water was collected by using a kidney dish  held under the ear, flushing out the blocked ear wax in the process. The operator would use his or her judgement as to how forcefully to syringe the water. Unfortunately this process can’t shift hard wax, so the wax in the ears was softened for a period of two weeks using ear drops.

There are many disadvantages using old methods of ear syringing, and these can result in the ear wax being pushed further into the ear if the angle of the water jet is not right; the water syringe may cause tinnitus; may perforate the eardrum; could result in causing water, bacteria, wax and dead skin cells to be flushed past the eardrum into the middle ear, potentially causing a painful infection; not recommended following ear surgery; should not be performed when the ear drum has previously been perforated due to the risk of re-perforation. (extracts taken from our methods pros and cons )

We Believe The Best Way To Clear Ear Wax Is Microsuction

At our five private ear syringing London clinics, lead by head Audiologist Jason Levy, we prefer to use the latest advances in technological progress via microsuction processes.  That is, we train our team to use portable or static show microsuction worksuction pumps and operating microscopes that can be floor standing or incorporated into glasses ( surgical loupes ).

Using Suction Pumps and Surgical Loupes

The method of removal used is via a medical suction pump (a very fine sterile probe) attached to a tube and a 2 millimetre suction wand used to draw the wax from your ear and to check the health of your ear using a video otoscope. The process requires a detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the ear, and training on how to safely use the equipment requiring operation by an ENT surgeon, Audiologist or Nurse who has received additional training. 

Safe and Infection Free

Because  microsuction does not spray water into the ear microsuction canula tips copyright 2016 ear wax removal network and Jason Levy
canal it is a safe method to use for the treatment of a wax blockage within the ear even if used after ear surgery or if there has been an eardrum perforation.

Combining a bright light source with a powerful operating microscope, the practitioner can see what is happening inside your ear and safely and painlessly remove any wax blockage in what we consider to be the best way to clear ear wax, i.e. using ear wax micro suction.

Expert Consultation And Service

Jason Levy demonstrates endoscopic microsuction technique. One advantage of endoscopic microsuction is that it gives a much wider view of the ear canal and ear drum compared to using an operating microscope or surgical loupes.
Jason Levy Demonstrates Endoscopic Microsuction Technique

If a patient books an appointment at one of our five instant wax removal service clinics they can be assured that the condition of their ears, their hearing levels and hearing health are our prime concern and we will do all that we can to safely assist to remove any wax blockage using the latest technology, suction pump, surgical loupes, video otoscope, and our expert team using ear wax micro suction which we consider the best way to get rid of ear wax.

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By Angela King

Angela King is a health writer with a fascination with everything to do with ears.