Saturday Microsuction Clinic In London – Latest Update

Saturday Microsuction Clinic In London Update!

Private Earwax Removal in London using microsuction, the safest method of removing earwax
Private Earwax Removal every Saturday in London

At The Central London Microsuction Earwax Removal Clinic, we are excited to announce that we offer a Saturday microsuction clinic at our Baker Street branch. Raspal Kaur, an experienced Audiologist who was trained in microsuction at Rotherham Primary Ear Care Centre, and also advanced microsuction techniques under Mr Stephen Rejali, a Consultant ENT Surgeon, has joined us. Raspal has extensive experience in the microsuction procedure. She practises at our clinic on Saturdays and every other Thursday.

If you need ear wax removal this weekend, you can book online by clicking the button below, or by following this link: book microsuction in london on Saturday.

We offer a £5 discount for people who self-book online. However, we can also book you in by telephone on 0800 1 337 987.


Weekend Microsuction Clinic Price

If you book online, we offer a £5 discount bringing the price down to £80 for one or two ears, which is still great value compared to other clinics in Central London.

Microsuction Saturday

Microsuction In London On Saturday Price List
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We decided to extend our microsuction clinic to Saturdays, as many people have enquired with us about weekend microsuction appointments as they work Monday to Friday and are unable to attend an ear wax removal appointment during the week. The addition of a weekend ear wax removal clinic is a service that we are very happy to offer people who live and work in Central London, as well as people who like to come in to London at the weekend.

Saturday Microsuction Clinic London Location

Our clinic is inside Berkeley Court Pharmacy on Melcombe Street. If you’re not familiar with the Baker Street area, Melcombe Street runs between Baker Street and Marylebone stations. It’s about a one minute walk from Baker Street Underground station, or 4 minutes walk from Marylebone station.

We recommend that in order to maximise the likelihood that we can remove all the wax, and to make the procedure more comfortable, you should use Earol twice a day in each ear for at least two days prior to your appointment. You can get Earol for around £5 from most chemists.

Note that we do not recommend the use of Otex, as this contains peroxide, which can cause irritation of the ear canal, and as a consequence the microsuction procedure may be less comfortable for you.

You can find more information about our Central London microsuction clinic here. The page includes directions on how to get there, as well as the address, contact details, nearest tube stations and where to park.


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And they may have to wait up to eight weeks and some Gp don’t offer wax removal and Gp don’t offer micro suction they only offer water ,also people with with perforated eardrums can only have mirco suction ,so they offer a could service ,as we do

Indeed, many people are happy to wait for an appointment for ear irrigation, however, the British Medical Journal reports that side effects are common:
“A postal survey of 312 general practitioners who served 650, 000 people in Edinburgh found that problems associated with ear syringing were failure of wax removal (29%), otitis media (17%), perforation of the ear drum (15%), and trauma to the external auditory meatus (11%)
Although 85% of general practitioners organised ear syringing, only 19% did it themselves — they usually delegated this procedure to practice nurses.

Contraindications to syringing— Perforation (past or present) of the ear drum, ear infection, presence of a grommet, history of ear surgery, and young children who are uncooperative are contraindications to ear syringing.

Complications of syringing— Adverse effects are common. Perforation of the ear drum, otitis externa, damage to the external canal, pain, deafness, vertigo, and tinnitus are all possible complications.”


I went to one behind John Lewis at Oxford Street but I think it moved this year to Baker Street. Its so much better having this done and no pain or anything. I was in so much pain before. Microsuction was done in seconds and the relief was fantastic. Im well hope you are xx

Some people need help as they get frequent ear infection and hearing problem due to an ear canal being too narrow or slightly curved like my daughter. GPs are not qualified for ear suction as it is a delicate procedure that needs to be done by a specialised ENT doctor. We do it at the hospital regularly every 6 months.

Sweetpea Bennett there is a function called epithelial migration which can rid the canal of wax but some people give it a helping hand with a cotton bud & push it back in! Some people also over produce wax so additional help is needed.