Microsuction London HA5

microsuction clinic in pinner - looking for where to get ear wax removal in pinner?

I had my ears cleaned today by Jason under the microsuction process. He was very polite and friendly, explaining the process and instruments he would be using. The whole experience was pleasant and I now have clean ears and can hear very well again. I would definitely recommend the Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Network for anyone wanting to have their ears cleaned in London.

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  1. Your GP will do this for you if it really needs doing.

    1. Hi Patricia. With so many methods of ear wax removal, it’s not surprising people get so easily confused. GP practices typically use ear irrigation (“syringing”) rather than microsuction. You can find out about the different methods of ear wax removal at https://www.earwaxremoval.net/methods-of-ear-wax-removal/

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